Peeking into the CMS World

Once upon a time, at the birth of the web, the web sites was made "by hand", writing simple HTML pages. At the beginning only text, with words to specify the document structure (TAGS); then came figures, more and more tags and, in some years, all the stuff we see today: detailed format specifications (CSS), programs embedded in the web pages (Javascript), and lot of equipment configurations done by a browser, using the sample transmission scheme of the web pages (HTTP).

This transformation was lead by the advent of commercial entities and editors on the web, with their specific needs, and the new possibilities given by the increasing power and low cost of computer and networks.

In recent years (2015-2017), the diffusion of the social networks brought the web to everyone, as an easy way to condivide thoughts, images, video in real time, in a continuous way. All changed again with all kind of people with no technical skill as authors on the web.

Most web sites are now build in semi-automated ways, by complex programs, but which an easy interface.
Content Management System (CMS) is the name given to this class of computer applications used to built and manage web sites.

In these web pages I try to tell about my short journey at the discover of the CMS world