Raw Notes on the Ruby Language

Marcello Galli, October-2014

These notes are the by-product of a never-held seminar on the Ruby language.

I like the Ruby language: it has a lot of peculiar features, interesting ideas implemented and a lot of features built into the language; it is a complex language, so, while studying the language, I prepared some raw notes for myself, with the idea of a Ruby seminar for my colleagues, but a Python course was more than enough for them, so the seminar was never held.

I ended putting these raw notes on my website, but on the web there is so much material about Ruby, that I doubt I will ever have some casual readers. Nevertheless these notes are here, unfinished, in a raw state, with errors and typos, but free for everyone (for non-commercial use), released under the "Creative Commons License": http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ .
Non Commercial Creative Commons License


A pdf versione of these raw notes on the ruby language can be downloaded from this link: "ruby_raw_notes.pdf".